Parts Crafted to Your Specification

Creative Craftsmen, Inc. can fabricate the parts you need. We strive to safely produce that meet or exceed both the quality and production requirements of our customers.

We are a custom metal fabrication shop with CNC equipment. We are a supplier of hangers, carriers, and related items for overhead conveyor as well as other custom material handling components. We specialize in automotive type applications, and have worked directly or indirectly for most automotive manufacturers in North America, including Chrysler, GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, And Nissan.

Parts fabrication in Evansville, Indiana

We are a defense contractor and have successfully completed five contracts on the Harpoon Anti-Ship Guided Missile Containers and one contract on Ammo Racks for the Army’s Hummer vehicle. In addition, we helped develop the Stinger Missile Rack for the same vehicle. We manufacture spare parts and complete units for the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing Co. Aerospace division.